Jumping from one thing to another as always, we have now built a blazingly fast lightweight J2ME emulator for multiplayer mobile games development. Cellray is based on me4se.
January 25 06
We are currently working on a simple, but fast and powerful, information retrieval engine. You can find the search result template here.
Mars 13 05
Raywalk has now become a news forum for mobile game players all around the world. You can find the site here.
August 30 04
Game Engine
Raywalk has four core modules: Realtime hybrid MMO networking, persistence JAVA/SQL ORM generator, lightweight graphics and emulated audio¹. See work in progress javadoc.
December 13 03
Thawing Legacy
In the mist of a nuclear holocaust, mutated creatures reanimate the frozen landscape. In this post-apocalyptic fable setting you will soon roam together.
April 11 03
The Bear
Strong but slow, the bear can push things out of the way. But watch out for those wakes, his weight might breach the ice.
Mars 5 03
Is a massively multiplayer action adventure game; a unique blend of puzzle and team play in a continuously growing and persistent universe.
February 25 03