Applets are dead, long live the Applet. Java is dead, long live Java.
To register enter the name and password you wish then press go. If that name is available you will be prompted to enter your e-mail and select a character.
The game is designed to be compliant with all Java runtime environments. If you have Java installed and the game still fails to work correctly, please e-mail a description of the error to support.
Is a massively multiplayer action adventure game. It's a unique blend of puzzle and team play in a continously growing and persistent world.
Arrow keys to move, space to cast fire/ice ball, other keys to type and enter to send message.
Does the square remain grey? Then you need the Java plugin:
If your connection is refused it's probably because you are behind a firewall that does not allow TCP connections to remote port 6565.
For best network latency you have to disable keyboard auto repeat while playing the game.
> xset -r to disable
> xset r to re-enable
The scenery takes place in the land of darilyn where the ruins of a once great kingdom struggle for survival.
Food restores health to your character.
Letters guide you through the adventure.
Tome of knowledge
The tomes teaches you abilities. One very useful ability is healing, another is reading.
Wind Bracelet
The bracelets enhances your characters agility and thereby increases his movement speed.
Ice ring
Made by the troll king Reeza to punish dissidents with their own mischiefs and share every treachery alike. Converts health into power.
Fire ring
Forged by dwarf smiths to be the twin ring. Kalin wears the burden of protecting it from the troll king. Converts power into health.
Earth rod
Crafted by the druid Nesau, feeble Nesau then vanished. Some say he hides somewhere in the woods of darilyn. The rod makes him invisibile.